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High Court rules that the Special General Meeting scheduled for 17 August must take place!

In terms of an order granted by the Honourable Mr Acting Justice Thulare, the following is brought to the attention of all Members of the Society:

Members are hereby notified that the communication of 15 August 2018 of the cancellation of the Special General Meeting of its Members convened for 17h00 on 17 August 2018 at the University of Western Cape, Bellville Campus, Robert Sobukwe Drive, Belleville, is invalid and of no force and effect and that the Special General Meeting will be proceeding at the aforesaid time, date and venue.

Click here to see a copy of the Court Order.

Special General Meeting

17 August 2018

A Special General Meeting in terms of Clause IX (3) of the Constitution of the Botanical Society will be held on Friday 17 August 2018 at the University of the Western Cape, GH1 Lecture Hall, Bellville Campus, Robert Sobukwe Drive, Bellville, at 17h00 for 17h30.

Click here for directions to GH1 UWC

The purpose of the meeting is to propose the adoption of a new National Constitution and a model Branch Constitution and the appointment of an Interim Council.

In order that the Botanical Society may grow and flourish where members play an integral role in their Society, a constitution safeguarding and ensuring all aspects contained within the Mission of the Society is required.


The motions to be voted upon are contained in the Requisition:

Requisition of SGM to adopt new Constitution

The proposed Constitutions:

Annexure A BotSoc National Constitution

Annexure B BotSoc Branch Constitution

to all Members

Special General Meeting
17 August at 17h00 for 17h30

Venue: University of the Western Cape
GH1 Lecture Hall, Bellville Campus
Robert Sobukwe Drive, Bellville.

Click here for directions to GH1 UWC

If you have not yet cast your vote, please do attend in order to vote. Your vote is essential and your views should be heard.

The Botanical Society finds itself at a watershed moment and it is the members' voice which will decide the future.

For more information on the issues at stake,
please go to the links below:

What is at stake?

Clarifying the Constitution

Salient features of the proposed New Constitution

The Way Forward


Book your seat on the bus!

Book a seat on the bus to the Special General Meeting on 17 August 2018 at UWC.

Buses will leave from Gate 2 at Kirstenbosch at 15h00 on Friday 17 August to transport members to and from the meeting at UWC. Cars may be left in the secure parking area at Gate 2 while attending the meeting.

Please email Margaret before 9 August on

NB: Bookings for the bus close on 9 August.