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Biodiversity matters


Plant diversity underpins the functioning of all ecosystems which provide the fundamental support systems upon which all life depends.

Habitat loss

Habitat destruction from human activity is the primary threat for 83% of endangered plant species. Plant diversity is being lost at an alarming rate.


It is estimated that at least 25% of the 400,000 plant species in the world are now threatened with extinction due to habitat loss and degradation.

Invasive species

The deliberate or inadvertent introduction of alien species has altered many native ecosystems and resulted in the decline of many native species.

Climate change

An increase in temperature of 2-3°C over the next hundred years could result in half the world’s plant species being threatened with extinction.


For each job dedicated to protecting biodiversity there are five that depend directly on using biodiversity, estimated at almost half a million jobs.

At the Botanical Society we believe that we all have crucial role to play in ensuring that we conserve plant diversity for the benefit of all.

The Cape Floristic Region is home to over 9500 plant species, with floral diversity, density and endemism among the highest worldwide.

3 %
of the world's plant species occur in the Cape Floristic Region
20 %
of Africa's plant species occur in the Cape Floristic Region
70 %
of the plant species in the Cape Floristic Region are endemic